Relationship and Family

Communication is basic to relationships and couples or family counseling can help you communicate more clearly, directly and effectively with your loved ones.

Conflict is normal in relationships, and healthy conflict can actually deepen and enhance relationships. 

I'm here to not only help mediate conflict, but to help you grow and learn from it.


Couples' counseling can help relationships last; it can also help illuminate reasons to end a relationship and help couples do so amicably.  I can help you to grow stronger together, communicate more clearly, handle conflict fairly, define limits and boundaries explicitly, and co-parent more effectively.

Some of the reasons you may find family or relationship counseling to be useful:

  • you want to improve communication with your partner(s) or learn more tools to help with negotiating disagreement.

  • you find your family in times of change or a major transition

  • you've made or are making changes to limits, boundaries or needs between the two of you

  • you're getting ready to have children or you're experiencing parenting challenges

  • you have the same arguments again and again with no resolution

It's normal to be challenged by these circumstances or by a committed partnership or family relationship. I can help ease the transition and stress! You want to understand yourself and your family better. I want to listen to you and create an environment where each of you are heard, held, and grow from our work together.