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Relationships are Hard!

As a good friend said to me once, while I was venting about the work a primary partnership takes to uphold, "relationships are hard." Truer words were never spoken.

While I do believe in love at first sight, tingly feelings, and magic, I also believe in the gritty, constant hard work partners must do to maintain and deepen that love over time.

We often fall into unhelpful communication patterns. We feel we are right, but don't take the time to pause and truly hear what our partner is saying.

That's where couples' therapy comes in. A good therapist can guide you to pactiices where both you and your partner(s) feel heard and seen. A good therapist knows there is no right or wrong, just two subjective realities. And often, these realities can coexist or even enhance one another.

For many people, It's scary to think about entering relationship counseling. Most people fear it hastening or even causing a breakup. While it can bring us in touch with what's not going well in a relationship, it can also elicit options out of negative patterns-- whether that means staying in the relationship or not. Couples' therapy can help us be more honest with one another, deepen communication skills, and help us have hard conversations in a context of safety.

I completed training in the Gottman Method, an evidence-based therapy for relationships. In addition, I've worked extensively with parents and with multi-stressed families. It would be my pleasure to use my skills to be your compassionate witness as you navigate your relationship's ups and downs. All relationships, and all of us as individuals, have room to grow in terms of communication.

The weight of the world is love, writes Allan Ginsburg.The world is made of love, and we can be in right relationship with one another.

Ready for the next step to right relationship? Drop me a line.

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