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Immigration Evaluations
Se habla español

Inmigrantes fortalacen a la comunidad

I believe strongly that you and all immigrants are welcome here and am dedicated to doing all I can to help you in the process toward legal status in the U.S.

I have worked with immigrant, and especially Latinx populations my entire career. I am dedicated to continuing to provide specialized  mental health evaluations for U-Visa, VAWA, T-Visa, and Asylum, as well as Hardship Waiver petitions.

Trauma Specialist

I am a licensed psychotherapist who has worked with survivors of sexual and domestic violence and other forms of abuse for many years. I am culturally competent with Latinx and LGBT populations, and have vast experience working treating the symptoms that can follow trauma. I've worked for many years with clients facing stressors and issues related to immigration.

Evaluations include:

-an in-depth bio-psychosocial assessment lasting 1-2 hours. 

-clinical assessment, interpretation of symptoms, and DSM 5 diagnoses

-Full letters/ reports as appropriate for legal proceedings

-Unfortunately, I do not have the capacity to testify in court at this time.


Fees are based on the particular service as well as individual circumstances

Please inquire about my sliding fee scale.

For more information, please contact me: 510-671-1297 or

If appropriate, I can also provide counseling and resources on the trauma of immigration and other related stressors.

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