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Support for Parents and Families

Parenting is one of the hardest-- and one of the most rewarding-- jobs there is. 

Whether you are a new parent struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety, or you are coping with the stress of raising toddlers, tweens, or teens, taking time for your own wellness is so important to being able to care for your children.

Parenting can bring up our deepest emotions and bring us face to face with the difficulties of our childhood or our past. Parenthood also has the potential to bring us the utmost joy and satisfaction.​ Holding the pain, the joy, and the humor of your family, I use individual, couple, or family sessions as appropriate to heal trauma, improve communication, and help families and their children grow, develop and thrive.

I get it.

In addition to my many years as a therapist for children and families struggling with crises and transitions, as well as leading Centering Parenting groups for new parents, I bring my experience as a parent of two in a non-traditional family.

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